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by Doctor Mummy | 20:32

What to do when you find out you are pregnant (and how to know if you are pregnant!)

Two of my good friends recently phoned me to tell me that they are expecting a baby. They phoned me before they’d told many other people because they weren’t sure what to do next

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by Doctor Mummy | 22:58

Car travel with kids – tips to make it safer and more bearable!

When my now-three-year-old, L, was a baby we didn’t do many long car journeys. The odd trip for a wedding or to see my husband’s parents and that was about it.   That has

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by Doctor Mummy | 22:31

How to calm the crying baby – what to do when the crying just won’t stop!

I cannot stand to hear my children cry. It makes me crazy. A baby’s cry is apparently at the exact pitch that a woman hears most loudly. I can believe it – it resonates

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by Doctor Mummy | 15:29

What to pack in a hospital bag for delivery

With my eldest, L, I had to have an elective caesarean due to some complications in the pregnancy. This meant I had a scheduled date and I packed my hospital bag a week before

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by Doctor Mummy | 22:38

How to baby wear – tips and newborn baby carrier review

J and I attended our first ever ‘sling surgery’ this week. I have to admit that the whole ‘baby wearing’ phenomenon somewhat passed me by with my eldest, L. We had a baby bjorn

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by Doctor Mummy | 21:44

The simple birth plan – how to write it and what to think about

Writing a birth plan can seem daunting, particularly for first-time parents. My husband and I were more than a little skeptical about the whole ‘birth plan’ concept; we’ve both seen and assisted with enough

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by Doctor Mummy | 22:15

Infant CPR instructions and infant choking first aid

Disclaimer: this guide is intended for educational purposes and is not intended as professional medical advice.  If your child’s life is in danger contact the emergency services.  If you are concerned about your child’s

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by Doctor Mummy | 20:04

What makes a good mum? Why are we all so hard on ourselves?

I recently posted about feeling bad for screaming at my kids when I was tired, for being unwell when I was pregnant and for having a complication in pregnancy that resulted in my daughter

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by Doctor Mummy | 18:06

‘Kindle fire for kids’ review – complete control over screen-time!

My husband, G, and I debated a lot before purchasing a tablet for our daughter, L, last Christmas. She was only two and we were a bit concerned about encouraging screen-time.   I read

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by Doctor Mummy | 14:20

I’m not ‘fine’ – the tired mummy

Today I picked my eldest daughter, L, up from nursery and one of the staff asked me how I am.  I said ‘fine, thanks’.  My husband, G, phoned at lunch time to ask if

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