teaching children about private parts - pants
by Doctor Mummy | 18:00

Teaching children about private parts – how to keep kids safe!

There’s a channel 4 documentary about the female body that has sparked a lot of discussion recently, mainly because it features photos of women’s ‘private parts’.  I find it disheartening that this documentary is

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A green dummy
by Doctor Mummy | 18:00

Weaning baby off a pacifier or dummy – how to bin them and not look back!

We have just finished weaning my youngest, J, off his dummy (pacifier to our friends in North America). It wasn’t easy, but it was the right time for us.   Both my kids used

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positive parenting skills - smiling sunflower
by Doctor Mummy | 13:38

Starting nursery school – how to help your little one settle in

I recently wrote an article about how to choose a nursery school that suits your children. I’m confident that we have a great nursery for our kids to attend.   However, both my kids

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raising a spirited child - blocks
by Doctor Mummy | 20:00

How to choose a nursery – perks, pitfalls and which one to choose!

We are in the middle of Baby J’s settling in period at nursery. I feel quite emotional about him starting nursery. He’s eleven months old and still seems so little.   It’s been a

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getting angry with baby - tear
by Doctor Mummy | 20:00

Getting angry with a baby – when it all gets too much

Last week was a really tough week. My 11-month-old, J, had a cold and cough and the nights were terrible. It was really, really hard. Tonight’s article is a bit different than usual. To

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how to wean from breastfeeding
by Doctor Mummy | 19:00

How to wean from breastfeeding – tips and tricks to help your baby make the change!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice, nor should it be considered as such.  If you have any concerns about your or your baby’s health then

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by Doctor Mummy | 19:00

The Snoo baby bed – What’s all the fuss about?

I was recently approached and offered the opportunity to affiliate with happiestbaby.com, who make the Snoo baby bed.  I hadn’t heard of the Snoo before this, so I decided to look in to it

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what makes a bad parent - despair
by Doctor Mummy | 19:10

What makes a bad parent – am I a bad mother?

In medicine, we sometimes talk about ‘imposter syndrome‘ – where a doctor (or other professional!) doubts his or her accomplishments, feels insecure and feels like she is just pretending to be accomplished at her

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hand, foot and mouth disease in babies - leg rash
by Doctor Mummy | 20:00

Hand, foot and mouth disease: symptoms, treatment, pregnancy and what to do when your baby has it!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice and should not be treated as such. If you are concerned about your child’s health then consult a

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parenting a stubborn child - crown
by Doctor Mummy | 19:00

Parenting a stubborn child – how to get their cooperation and why you might not always want to!

‘Why don’t you just make her?’  This is a phrase I quite often hear from people when it comes to my daughter, L.  If she doesn’t want to wear a coat, or she doesn’t

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