contraception after birth - the pill
by Doctor Mummy | 20:51

Contraception after birth – a quick guide to the options available!

This article is intended for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional if you wish advice about your health.   Our family is now complete.  When I say

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positive birth stories - newborn L
by Doctor Mummy | 12:34

Facts about childbirth – 5 things you might not know (but should)!

I recently wrote about my experiences with childbirth and I’ve previously done a guide on the things to learn about and consider when writing a birth plan. I’m still struck, however, by the number

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positive birth stories - newborn J
by Doctor Mummy | 12:57

Positive birth stories – vaginal birth vs c-section

I have given birth twice – once by c-section and once through a vaginal birth. They were both great experiences. Sometimes as a doctor I get a skewed perspective on birth, we tend to

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parent and baby bears
by Doctor Mummy | 22:27

Gift ideas for new mothers and what to get a new baby

If you’re close to the mum that you want to buy for then by far the easiest thing to do is to ask her if there is anything that she would like for herself

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pregnancy bump
by Doctor Mummy | 15:29

What to pack in a hospital bag for delivery

With my eldest, L, I had to have an elective caesarean due to some complications in the pregnancy. This meant I had a scheduled date and I packed my hospital bag a week before

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parent and baby bears
by Doctor Mummy | 21:44

The simple birth plan – how to write it and what to think about

Writing a birth plan can seem daunting, particularly for first-time parents. My husband and I were more than a little skeptical about the whole ‘birth plan’ concept; we’ve both seen and assisted with enough

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