positive parenting skills - smiling sunflower
by Doctor Mummy | 19:00

Raising happy children – why I’m fine with parenting ‘all wrong’

‘You’re going to stop sitting with her whilst she falls asleep, right?’ ‘It’s a bit ridiculous to stay in the room with her, when I have kids I’m going to put them down in

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what makes a bad parent - despair
by Doctor Mummy | 19:10

What makes a bad parent – am I a bad mother?

In medicine, we sometimes talk about ‘imposter syndrome‘ – where a doctor (or other professional!) doubts his or her accomplishments, feels insecure and feels like she is just pretending to be accomplished at her

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life hacks for parents - stress free stickers
by Doctor Mummy | 21:21

Life hacks for parents – 5 ways to make life with kids just a little bit easier!

Having kids takes up an inordinate amount of time. I never seem to have enough hours in the day and between juggling work and kids, my time is at a premium.   I’m always

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by Doctor Mummy | 20:04

What makes a good mum? Why are we all so hard on ourselves?

I recently posted about feeling bad for screaming at my kids when I was tired, for being unwell when I was pregnant and for having a complication in pregnancy that resulted in my daughter

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