by Doctor Mummy | 19:00

The Snoo baby bed – What’s all the fuss about?

I was recently approached and offered the opportunity to affiliate with, who make the Snoo baby bed.  I hadn’t heard of the Snoo before this, so I decided to look in to it

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the best Christmas toys for toddlers - playmobil
by Doctor Mummy | 19:39

Christmas gifts for toddlers – 5 presents that will stand the test of time!

It isn’t easy to buy Christmas gifts for toddlers. Last year my daughter, L, asked for ‘a pink balloon’. That was a fairly easy request to fulfill. This year her list has been a

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parenting books for toddlers - how to talk so little kids will listen
by Doctor Mummy | 21:26

Parenting books for toddlers – the good, the great and the terrifying!

I’m a big reader. I love books and enjoy reading about a whole range of topics. Since having my two kids I’ve discovered the new genre of parenting books.   There are A LOT

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by Doctor Mummy | 22:38

How to baby wear – tips and newborn baby carrier review

J and I attended our first ever ‘sling surgery’ this week. I have to admit that the whole ‘baby wearing’ phenomenon somewhat passed me by with my eldest, L. We had a baby bjorn

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the best Christmas toys for toddlers - kindle fire for kids
by Doctor Mummy | 18:06

‘Kindle fire for kids’ review – complete control over screen-time!

My husband, G, and I debated a lot before purchasing a tablet for our daughter, L, last Christmas. She was only two and we were a bit concerned about encouraging screen-time.   I read

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