A green dummy
by Doctor Mummy | 18:00

Weaning baby off a pacifier or dummy – how to bin them and not look back!

We have just finished weaning my youngest, J, off his dummy (pacifier to our friends in North America). It wasn’t easy, but it was the right time for us.   Both my kids used

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by Doctor Mummy | 12:28

Toddlers’ sleeping problems – tips and tricks for getting your toddler to sleep better and longer!

I’ve previously written about the difficulties we had with my daughter L’s sleep and the steps we took to break the sleep associations that didn’t work for us.   L is now 3 years

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by Doctor Mummy | 11:11

The 4 month old sleep regression – what it is and how to survive it!

I recently found my diary from when my eldest, L, was a baby. I don’t remember her having a 4 month sleep regression (she wasn’t a great sleeper anyway) but when I read back,

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Cloudy sky
by Doctor Mummy | 14:20

I’m not ‘fine’ – the tired mummy

Today I picked my eldest daughter, L, up from nursery and one of the staff asked me how I am.  I said ‘fine, thanks’.  My husband, G, phoned at lunch time to ask if

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by Doctor Mummy | 22:50

How to Teach a Baby to Self-Soothe: Older babies

Many of the principles discussed in my blog on tiny babies still apply in older babies. However, usually the issue with older babies and toddlers is that they’ve already created sleep associations that aren’t

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by Doctor Mummy | 21:58

When it all goes wrong: the overtired baby won’t sleep

This was not the blog I intended to write tonight.  Things have been going well – 3 year old L is in a good routine, she has fun at nursery in the mornings and

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by Doctor Mummy | 14:25

How to Teach a Baby to Self-soothe: Tiny Babies

First and foremost – you don’t need to teach your baby to self-soothe. However your baby falls asleep – whilst feeding, being rocked, with lullabies, with heavy rock metal, with a dummy (pacifier), on

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Grey Snoozy
by Doctor Mummy | 10:49

My Hummy Review: Why I Wasn’t a Fan but now Can’t Do Without It!

MyHummy is a small company that you may have seen advertised on Facebook. They create infant sleep aids. When J was born my brothers and sisters-in-law bought us a ‘hummy’ – to be specific

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Infant sleep aids
by Doctor Mummy | 23:32

Infant Sleep Aids: the Good, the Bad and the Frustrating

If you’ve read my earlier post then you’ll know that in the early months we had real problems with my daughter L’s sleep. In comparison, my son J is a great sleeper (he was

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by Doctor Mummy | 19:50

How to Get a Baby to Sleep Through the Night: the Holy Grail of Parenting

Pretty much as soon as my eldest, L, was born and we were home from the hospital, the questions started: ‘is she a good baby? How’s she sleeping? Are you getting any sleep yet?’

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