A green dummy
by Doctor Mummy | 18:00

Weaning baby off a pacifier or dummy – how to bin them and not look back!

We have just finished weaning my youngest, J, off his dummy (pacifier to our friends in North America). It wasn’t easy, but it was the right time for us.   Both my kids used

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getting angry with baby - tear
by Doctor Mummy | 20:00

Getting angry with a baby – when it all gets too much

Last week was a really tough week. My 11-month-old, J, had a cold and cough and the nights were terrible. It was really, really hard. Tonight’s article is a bit different than usual. To

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what makes a bad parent - despair
by Doctor Mummy | 19:10

What makes a bad parent – am I a bad mother?

In medicine, we sometimes talk about ‘imposter syndrome‘ – where a doctor (or other professional!) doubts his or her accomplishments, feels insecure and feels like she is just pretending to be accomplished at her

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Cloudy sky
by Doctor Mummy | 12:29

Relationship issues after having a baby – why do things seem harder and how can you fix it?

Having a baby together should bring two people closer together – after all, you now have a tangible, shared proof of your relationship and a new baby to love, shouldn’t you feel closer than

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by Doctor Mummy | 22:31

How to calm the crying baby – what to do when the crying just won’t stop!

I cannot stand to hear my children cry. It makes me crazy. A baby’s cry is apparently at the exact pitch that a woman hears most loudly. I can believe it – it resonates

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hands held in the shape of a heart
by Doctor Mummy | 20:04

What makes a good mum? Why are we all so hard on ourselves?

I recently posted about feeling bad for screaming at my kids when I was tired, for being unwell when I was pregnant and for having a complication in pregnancy that resulted in my daughter

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Cloudy sky
by Doctor Mummy | 14:20

I’m not ‘fine’ – the tired mummy

Today I picked my eldest daughter, L, up from nursery and one of the staff asked me how I am.  I said ‘fine, thanks’.  My husband, G, phoned at lunch time to ask if

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by Doctor Mummy | 21:58

When it all goes wrong: the overtired baby won’t sleep

This was not the blog I intended to write tonight.  Things have been going well – 3 year old L is in a good routine, she has fun at nursery in the mornings and

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