raising a spirited child - blocks
by Doctor Mummy | 20:00

How to choose a nursery – perks, pitfalls and which one to choose!

We are in the middle of Baby J’s settling in period at nursery. I feel quite emotional about him starting nursery. He’s eleven months old and still seems so little.   It’s been a

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life hacks for parents - stress free stickers
by Doctor Mummy | 21:21

Life hacks for parents – 5 ways to make life with kids just a little bit easier!

Having kids takes up an inordinate amount of time. I never seem to have enough hours in the day and between juggling work and kids, my time is at a premium.   I’m always

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stop sign
by Doctor Mummy | 23:10

Barriers for working parents – why can we still not break them down?

Tomorrow I’m taking J to the hospital to see a consultant. It’s nothing major, he has an occasional squint and they need to check whether his vision is OK and whether he needs any

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