Grey Snoozy
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MyHummy is a small company that you may have seen advertised on Facebook. They create infant sleep aids. When J was born my brothers and sisters-in-law bought us a ‘hummy’ – to be specific they bought us the slate-grey Snoozy. Initially I was pretty skeptical but it has now become my absolute favourite infant sleep aid. If I could only have one thing to help J sleep at night it would be this, every time!

I have no relationship with myHummy other than as a satisfied customer. Please read on for my hummy review.

First Impressions

Grey Snoozy

When I opened the box I was initially impressed – the Snoozy is cute and cuddly, it’s soft and I could see it being a favourite cuddly toy. We previously had a ‘Ewan the sheep’ and I had always been able to feel his electronics when I squeezed him, which I felt limited his appeal as a cuddly toy. Our hummy’s sound box was small and discrete and I could insert it so that it was deep enough in the padding to not be immediately obvious.

J was a newborn so it wasn’t really practical to get his opinion, but his 3 year old sister L loved the appearance of “J’s hummy” and spent quite a while playing with it and her new brother. She didn’t seem to notice that there was anything inside it (if she had she would have almost certainly unzipped it to get it out – she’s at the exploring stage!), so it checked the box as an appealing cuddly toy.

I looked forward to J’s next nap to try it out.

The Downside

This is when I stopped loving our hummy quite so much. It comes with a sound-box with a single button. The instructions promise easy use – click to turn it on and off, click and hold to put the volume up and down, double click to change the sound.

It was NOT easy to use. We spent quite a while googling ‘how to turn my hummy off’ as we could not get the knack of pressing long enough to turn it off but not so long that it just started changing the volume instead. It was frustrating to use and it took us a lot of playing with it to figure out the controls. However after 3-4 days of use my husband and I both had ‘the knack’ and since then we do find our hummy easy to use. It just took us a while to get the hang of it!

I have heard that myHummy are now releasing a new version of these toys with a sound-box that links to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to turn it off, change the volume and select a sound using your phone rather than the sound-box itself. I haven’t tried it so can’t comment for sure but I suspect this will solve the above issue!

I also wasn’t too impressed with the white-noise sounds. With the exception of one that I thought sounded a bit like machine-gun fire, the other four noises sounded near identical. I couldn’t really hear much of a difference, whereas Ewan’s four legs had had clearly different noises (see my earlier post for more details on my experience with Ewan).

I ended the first day unsure whether our hummy was really worth the money.

The Revelation (the bit when I fell in love)

Over the next few days I experimented with our hummy and noticed something – I couldn’t hear much of a difference between the sounds but J clearly could, as he settled better with one over the others (not the one that sounded like machine gun fire, thank goodness). I found his apparent favourite sound and volume (essentially – loud) and we used it for all naps and at night.

J has always been a good sleeper (long may it last!) so I wasn’t too sure how much the hummy was helping, until he got a bit older. I noticed that he would wake from his naps – eyes open and muttering a bit – but as the hummy kicked in he would gradually close his eyes and drift back to sleep. The day I forgot to turn his hummy on, he needed me to go over and pat him and shhh him in order to fall back asleep. It also kicked in several times during the night when he muttered and, although he didn’t sleep right through, he was waking far less than I would have expected of such a young baby.

This is the first genius aspect of the hummy’s design – once activated it has a motion and noise sensor and turns itself back on if your baby stirs or makes a noise. It plays for 60 minutes and then gradually fades out, but over the next twelve hours it will kick back in if baby activates it. There is also the option to have it play for 12 hours continuously but I’ve never needed that option. The motion sensor is fab – J’s slightest movement or noise triggers it instantly and I can see him settling back down with it.

I’m not sure whether it really puts him to sleep – we’re incredibly lucky as J puts himself to sleep anyway – but it does help resettle him when he wakes and that is a huge benefit. It also seems to help my husband and I sleep better, even our 3 year old slept better when she was in the room with it on holiday!

The second genius aspect of it is that the sound-box is easily removable and the hummy can then be machine washed. This may seem like nothing but until you’ve tried to clean toddler vomit off a sponge-clean only Ewan the sheep, you will never understand how crucial decent washing options are in a favourite soft toy!

On balance

In summary, I absolutely love our hummy! We travel with spare batteries as we have a terror of not having it to hand. It’s attractive and cuddly, it works well to settle babies and toddlers (and possibly adults) and it’s easy to wash. I desperately wish I’d had one when my eldest was a baby!

They are expensive – the most basic model (the Sleepyhead without the app) is £39.99, rising to the most expensive teddy bears with the app retailing at an eye-watering £79.99.

To be honest I don’t think the extra £20 for the app is necessary, it will make life a little easier but for the sake of £20 it only takes a few days to get the hang of the single-button sound-box and you only need to activate it once a night.

I would test your baby out with white noise before purchasing – not all babies respond to it. If yours does though then I think the hummy is worth the investment. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide it isn’t for you.

So yes, it is expensive, but it gives J better sleep, which gives me better sleep. Having lived through severe sleep deprivation with L, I can’t put a value on a decent night’s sleep!


Update – there is now a deluxe version of ‘Ewan the dream sheep’ that contains both a motion sensor and removable electronics so that it can be machine washed.  At £39.99 it is a more affordable alternative to the Hummy!





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We bought this for our little one C and it has been our life saver! Big mistake was getting the white one. Gets dirty very quickly!. Will definitely be going for a darker colour next time! 🙂

Jun 01.2018 | 09:44 pm

    Doctor Mummy

    Hi Harriet, thanks for commenting! Yeah I learned my lesson with the white Ewan the sheep, darker toys are definitely the way to go! At least the hummy is washable though! 🙂

    Jun 01.2018 | 10:10 pm

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