parenting a stubborn child - crown
by Doctor Mummy | 19:00

Parenting a stubborn child – how to get their cooperation and why you might not always want to!

‘Why don’t you just make her?’  This is a phrase I quite often hear from people when it comes to my daughter, L.  If she doesn’t want to wear a coat, or she doesn’t

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the best Christmas toys for toddlers - playmobil
by Doctor Mummy | 19:39

Christmas gifts for toddlers – 5 presents that will stand the test of time!

It isn’t easy to buy Christmas gifts for toddlers. Last year my daughter, L, asked for ‘a pink balloon’. That was a fairly easy request to fulfill. This year her list has been a

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anger management for toddlers - shouting child
by Doctor Mummy | 08:46

Anger management techniques for children – how to put your kids back in control of their temper!

It’s not easy when your kid loses the plot and the younger the child, the harder it is to control. I’ve written before about the importance of teaching your child empathy and to recognise

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hands held in the shape of a heart
by Doctor Mummy | 08:46

Parenting tips for toddlers – how positive parenting skills can change your life!

I am immensely proud of my 3 year old daughter, L. She is smart and funny and resourceful. She is also stubborn, opinionated and spirited. When she makes up her mind it is near

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contraception after birth - the pill
by Doctor Mummy | 20:51

Contraception after birth – a quick guide to the options available!

This article is intended for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional if you wish advice about your health.   Our family is now complete.  When I say

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how to help a baby with a cold - box of tissues
by Doctor Mummy | 22:15

How to help a baby with a cold – treatments, natural remedies and when to see a doctor!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. If you are concerned about your baby’s health consult a healthcare professional.   This is going to be a

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parenting books for toddlers - how to talk so little kids will listen
by Doctor Mummy | 21:26

Parenting books for toddlers – the good, the great and the terrifying!

I’m a big reader. I love books and enjoy reading about a whole range of topics. Since having my two kids I’ve discovered the new genre of parenting books.   There are A LOT

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positive birth stories - newborn L
by Doctor Mummy | 12:34

Facts about childbirth – 5 things you might not know (but should)!

I recently wrote about my experiences with childbirth and I’ve previously done a guide on the things to learn about and consider when writing a birth plan. I’m still struck, however, by the number

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positive birth stories - newborn J
by Doctor Mummy | 12:57

Positive birth stories – vaginal birth vs c-section

I have given birth twice – once by c-section and once through a vaginal birth. They were both great experiences. Sometimes as a doctor I get a skewed perspective on birth, we tend to

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baby led weaning first foods - baked beans
by Doctor Mummy | 22:43

Baby led weaning food ideas – quick and easy meals that your baby will love!

This article is for babies who have developed a pincer grip (approximately 8 months onward) – for babies who have not yet reached this milestone please see the article on first foods for baby

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