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I was recently approached and offered the opportunity to affiliate with, who make the Snoo baby bed.  I hadn’t heard of the Snoo before this, so I decided to look in to it a bit more.

In the end I decided not to affiliate with happiest baby, but I thought I’d write a review anyway, as it’s a fairly unusual product!  I received no benefits, compensation or ‘perks’ of any kind for this review.

Snoo baby bed – what is it?

The Snoo is beloved by both celebrities and ‘normal’ parents, particularly in the States.  It hasn’t really made it’s way to the UK yet, but it’s probably coming.

Essentially, it’s a high-tech baby bed.

It’s designed to mimic the womb.  You swaddle the baby in the included ‘Snoo sack‘ and clip the sack to the Snoo baby bed.  It then rocks and plays white noise to send baby to sleep.  If baby wakes in the night, the rocking and white noise kick back in and are linked to the volume of cries – the more baby cries, the more it rocks and the louder the white noise.

If the baby doesn’t settle with this then the bed stops and the parents are expected to step in, as the assumption is that baby needs changing, feeding or other interaction from mum and dad.

It can be linked to the parents’ phones to alert them when baby cries and produces a ‘sleep report’ for the baby, if desired.

Snoo baby bed – pros

  • White noise is widely used in lots of sleep aids and is thought to help babies sleep better.  Similarly, rocking has been used to help babies sleep since time immemorial.  Swaddling also has reasonable evidence for its effectiveness in baby sleep.  The Snoo cleverly combines these three elements to promote good sleep.
  • The Snoo is quite attractive – it’s contemporary and neutral and should fit with most nursery decor.
  • It requires minimal input from parents – once the baby is swaddled and in the crib, a single button is pushed and the Snoo does the rest of the work.
  • It adjusts the volume and rocking according to baby’s cries.
  • There is a ‘transition mode’ to help you progress baby from the Snoo to a regular cot.
  • The company offers a 30-day trial and 1 year warranty.

Snoo baby bed – cons


  • It’s really, really expensive – $1160 in the States, which currently equates to £922.99.  Our son’s cot-bed cost £100 and can be used right through his toddler years.  By comparison, the Snoo is a huge investment!
  • It can only be used for an average of six months and that assumes you start using it with a newborn.  The Snoo, like all bassinets, can only be used until the baby can roll over and get up on to hands and knees.  On average this happens at 6 months but babies who hit their motor milestones early (our son J could do this at 4 months old) will get even less use out of it.
  • It hasn’t been around long enough for the safety to be confirmed.  The Snoo claims to be ‘the safest baby bed ever made’ and so far has an excellent safety track record, but it is still a new product and the company doesn’t provide much evidence to back up this claim.  See the safety section below for more discussion on safety.
  • The first few months before your baby’s sleep matures are the ideal time to create positive sleep associations and gently help your baby to learn to sleep in a way that fits your family.  I didn’t understand how to do this with my eldest, but I did with my youngest and it made a huge difference to us.  The Snoo is a very specific sleep association and may be difficult for some babies to break.
  • It might not work for all babies.  Babies are people and are different – my eldest hated being swaddled and didn’t really like her baby rocker, my youngest loved it.  Most babies will like the swaddle and the rocking and white noise, but if it doesn’t work for your baby then you’ve spent a lot for no benefit and some of the Snoo reviews reflect this.

Is the Snoo baby bed ‘the safest baby bed ever made’?

The video above is of the creator trying to anser this question, he talks a lot but there is little objective evidence that it is ‘the safest bed ever made’.

Essentially their claim seems to be based on the fact that the Snoo keeps babies on their back all night long and back sleeping is known to reduce the risk of Sudden-Infant-Death-Syndrome (SIDS).

However, safe sleeping guidelines specifically state that you only need to put your baby down to sleep on their back, “once your baby can move themselves from their back to their front and back again by themselves, they will be able to find their own sleeping position.”

J learnt to roll over to his front just before he turned 4 months old.  Every night I put him to sleep on his back and every night since then he has rolled on to his front to sleep.

There is absolutely no need to forcibly keep your baby on their back to sleep in order to improve safe sleep – the evidence of reduced SIDS risk is for putting babies down on their back, not for keeping them that way all night long.

There have also been safety issues with sleep positioners and the advice is not to use these products.  The Snoo is made from breathable material to try and make it safer.

I asked ‘the happiest baby’ company whether their product would be considered a ‘sleep positioner’ and they responded “The clips are not positioners in the sense viewed by the American Association of Pediatrics, which are often freestanding and can move while the baby sleeps, potentially causing suffocation.  In fact, the safety clips keeps the baby in the only safe sleeping position recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics: on their back”

So the truth is, the safety of the Snoo isn’t known yet.  The manufacturer belives it to be safe and hopefully it is, but it also prevents babies from rolling over themselves and that is not necessary for safe sleeping.

The bottom line – is the Snoo baby bed worth the money?

hands held in the shape of a heart

I actually think the Snoo is a really clever product and it will almost certainly help the majority of babies to sleep better.  So why did I decide not to affiliate with them?

Simple – I remember what it’s like to be desperate for sleep.

When L was a baby I bought a lot of things that claimed to help improve sleep.  Parents are an easy target – we are tired, desperate and it’s easy to feel guilt if we don’t buy something that ‘might help’ our baby.

My fear is that the Snoo is an extreme version of this – a super-expensive piece of baby equipment that is completely out of reach for the majority of parents, but that exhaustion and parent-guilt might make people think they need.

It’s a clever product, but you don’t need it.  A white noise app and a rocking chair will achieve the same effect, with the benefit of giving you plenty of baby snuggles at the same time!  Learn about how to help your baby sleep and of course if you happen to be fabulously wealthy then you might want to use the Snoo baby bed, but it’s a luxury, not a necessity.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get sleep, it will happen with time!

I hope that you’ve found this honest review of the Snoo baby bed helpful.  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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Thank you for not adding links because I am so sure desperate parents would do anything to help their babies have a peacful sleep. I think this product too expensive and also you can only use it until 6 months, thats a lot of money for something the baby will only use for a short time.

Jan 07.2019 | 12:16 pm

    Doctor Mummy

    Hi Rose, thanks for commenting. I absolutely agree that it’s an awful lot of money for a baby bed!

    Jan 07.2019 | 08:58 pm

Erick Darke

In theory this product seems like a practical device to help babies who are being fussy to get a sound restful sleep. I have been a parent of a new born and learning about SIDS was the most scariest thing to hear about. it really put me on high alert to the fact my child could be effected by this potential tragedy in her sleep.My concerns with this Snoobaby is the fact that it is a $1,000 price tag,additionally the fact that the device seems to put the infant in a position similar to psych ward patient in a straight jacket.Also the swaddling cloth though it is suppose to be made from a clima-cool material Iam not sure how well that would work in a ultra warm tropical conditions.

Jan 08.2019 | 04:14 pm

    Doctor Mummy

    Hi Erick, thanks for commenting. SIDS is one of our big fears as parents and I suppose that’s why I object to such an expensive products claiming to reduce the SIDS risk, when there isn’t actually objective evidence of this yet!

    Jan 09.2019 | 08:04 pm


Exactly Doctor Mummy, too much money, that could be used for maybe baby care or other things I mean if I was to buy such a bed, the baby better sleep in it untill they go to college lol

Jan 09.2019 | 03:10 pm

    Doctor Mummy

    Ha ha, I know exactly what you mean Rose!

    Jan 09.2019 | 08:02 pm


As someone who started off with traditional sleeping arrangements, I did buy the SNOO (or rather am renting one) as I needed the extra help in helping my baby to sleep. Something I think your article is missing is that it isn’t for babies who sleep well on their own already but for parents and babies that might need the extra help. That is when the price tag is worth it. As a working mom both in and out of a clinic, I was able to get extra rest, work, and family time because the SNOO would provide comforting rocking and noise to help him sleep. This is no different than putting baby in a swing, bouncer, or whatnot… just safer. And yes, back to sleep is best and as long as baby is comfortable in the sleep sack then they are safe giving mom peace of mind. Again, this is something that will not work for everyone but can be a great tool for someone that needs it.

Feb 28.2019 | 11:40 pm

    Doctor Mummy

    Hi Aubrey, thanks for taking the time to comment. I do think it’s a very clever product and I’m sincerely glad that it’s helped you. I completely understand that it’s for babies who aren’t sleeping well, I suppose that is exactly my concern. I remember well how difficult and exhausting it was when my eldest didn’t sleep and how many products my husband and I were sold because ‘this might help’. I was an easy target for ‘mum guilt buying’ – maybe my baby doesn’t sleep because she doesn’t have this and she needs it. The Snoo is a great product, and if people choose to buy it then that’s great, it’s obviously the right call for them. I just don’t want people who can’t easily afford it (because it is very expensive!) to feel that they need to find a way to get it if they want their baby to sleep. I hope that makes sense but thanks for sharing your positive experience and I’m glad you’re getting more sleep!

    Mar 03.2019 | 06:35 pm

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